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Our defense team boasts an impressive set of credentials, having served on both sides of the legal aisle. Consolidating extensive knowledge of criminal defense with prosecutorial and law enforcement experience, The Tormey Law Firm employs all means necessary to combat the State's case and successfully advocate for our clients. Our talented staff includes:


A former New Jersey Assistant Prosecutor who has prosecuted numerous high-profile cases involving attempted murder, weapons charges, aggravated assault, and felony marijuana distribution.


A former New Jersey Municipal Prosecutor with first-hand exposure to the inner workings of New Jersey's Municipal Court system.


Several attorneys who have worked for the U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of New Jersey in the sex crimes, white-collar crimes, and gang task force units.


A retired New Jersey State Trooper and Police Academy Instructor who now serves as a private investigator and expert witness for the firm.


A Certified Operator of the Alcotest 7110 Breathalyzer Device, who evaluates police protocol in all DWI cases to identify errors in procedure.


Having defended thousands of clients in New Jersey's Superior and Municipal Courts, The Tormey Law Firm's seasoned attorneys fight to win.

Practice Areas

Traffic Violations

Traffic Violations

By hiring a lawyer to deal with this process, you can potentially beat this case and you will definitely avoid wasting a day in court.

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Visit our DWI section to learn how to fight your DWI charges, and everything else there is to know about drunk driving offenses in NJ.

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Drug Offenses

Drug Offenses

Drug charges in New Jersey can be very serious or a simple slap on the wrist. This depends on the type of drug, the quantity possessed, etc.

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Violence and Threat

Violence and Threat

If you have been charged with a violent crime like assault, or even a threat crime like harassment or "terroristic threats", read this section.

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Theft and Fraud

Theft and Fraud

Crimes of Moral Turpitude and theft related crimes have implications beyond the legal system, often threatening jobs and credibility.

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Weapons Offenses

Weapons Offenses

Gun charges are complicated matters, and our firm knows all of the defenses that can potentially lead these charges to be dismissed.

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Sexual Offenses

Sexual Offenses

A sex crime conviction in New Jersey can result in significant prison time and destroy your personal reputation. Read this section to know more.

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Restraining Orders

Restraining Orders

It is imperative that you contact a lawyer that understands the system and the intricacies of both restraining orders and criminal charges.

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“The Tormey Law Firm is a team of criminal and DWI lawyers in NJ, that will challenge every element of the case against you, and fight to have your charges dismissed.”

If you have been arrested and have a pending legal matter, I understand that you’re worried. Finding this website is a powerful step towards fighting your charges, and putting this situation behind you.

If you’ve been arrested for drunk driving in New Jersey, please Click Here for more information about your charge, or watch our video series on How To Beat DWI  For other legal matters, we highly recommend you take a look at our Top 5 Ways To Beat A Criminal Charge series or continue reading to learn more about our law firm.

At this stage of your case, contacting an attorney is incredibly important.  Even in the first weeks after your arrest, there are motions that we can file which can drastically improve the outcome of your case.  Here’s an example: a case tried in county court can be punished with county prison time. Municipal cases, or cases tried at the “town” level, will usually not be punished with county prison time.

Filing a simple motion to transfer your case from county court to municipal court can play an immediate role in your expected result by reducing your potential punishment.   These are steps in the right direction without even beginning the real fight against your charges.  These motions are best filed soon after your arrest, so hesitation can cost you.

Tactics like these don’t apply to every case or every charge type.  Every criminal charge has it’s own series of defenses that create positive results.  With highly experienced New Jersey criminal defense attorneys and even a current active NJ prosecutor fighting on your behalf, our law firm is aware of every advantage and defense strategy that you can use to potentially beat your case.

Many of these strategies are given freely within this website.  Read the information that we provide on your charges.  For one, you might feel more confident in your case if we describe several ways that we can beat it.  You will also be aware of the penalties that you are facing, and what you have to risk if you don’t handle your case properly.  We also have pages for some of our successes in court that might apply to your charge.

“Having worked in multiple large firms and at the US Attorney’s office, I’ve realized that a lot of the other lawyers have stopped doing the best work for their clients.”

There are high level attorneys that don’t want to put real time into a case.

In my time at other firms, it seemed as though many attorneys wanted to step into a meeting room with the prosecutor, and take the first settlement offered.  That simply doesn’t get the best result for a client.

You deserve to know that your money is being well spent on your defense, and that involves a lot of very difficult and tedious work on our part.

We will research the accuracy of little details in your paperwork.  We will put every detail regarding the circumstance in which you were arrested into question.  What procedures did the officer follow?  Did he follow them correctly?  Did he document everything correctly?  Can all of the evidence and even its transfer be accounted for?  Is your trial being held “expediently”?  Each case has a different series of questions that can be asked and need to be answered.

The best criminal attorneys and the best DWI attorneys in New Jersey know how to attack your case, and they should be able to explain how they plan to do when you talk to them.

“Relationships are important in New Jersey courts.”

It’s hard to believe, but “who you know” actually matters. The best case outcomes aren’t always gained by fighting.

Whether its a personal relationship with a prosecutor, or simply the reputation for being an aggressive criminal defense attorney, courtroom relationships are important.  Prosecutors offer deals when they think that they might walk into court and lose, and they are not going to be afraid of a mediocre attorney.

We are proud to be a well respected law firm in the state of New Jersey.

“We offer payment plans for your criminal defense.”

We know that money can be an issue for some of my potential clients, and other law firms charge some crazy prices.  At the Tormey Law Firm, we are happy to work with you on payment plans and getting you the representation you need at a fair price.

If you think that my law firm can help you, please don’t hesitate to call me any time, day or night.  I understand what you’re going through, and I’m here to help.  I offer free consultations and you can call me anytime.

– Travis J. Tormey, Esq.

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We will examine every facet of your case in order to defend your constitutional rights and reputation. With a dedicated legal advocate to assist you, our attorneys will ensure that you are never forced to navigate the complex legal process on your own.

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If you've been charged with a criminal offense, disorderly persons offense, or traffic / DWI violation, you have the right to an attorney who will defend you against your charges and fight for your best interests. To learn more about how your attorney can fight to have your charges dismissed or reduced, click a link below to see our video library of legal defenses and strategies.

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